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Promas commits in providing high quality services to its clients. The company objective remains the provision of high quality services, hence meet with all client requirements and project goals, while maintain a high level of competitiveness.

For this reason the company has developed and applies processes that conform to the Quality Assurance EN ISO 9001:2000 standard and is planning to obtain certification in the future. The most significant reasons, for which we decided the development and adoption of these processes which express the company's management commitment but also our corporate culture on quality issues, are:
  • The need of Quality of Assurance for our services in line with the continuously increasing business needs of our clients. We believe that quality serves as our key competitive advantage, as we can guarantee constantly provision of qualitative professional services.
  • The improvement in the organization and efficiency of the company. The procedures we apply not only guarantee our well-organized operation but also serves as the base and framework for further improvement in providing our clients with competitive services.
  • The active participation of all the people within the company, in all ranks, in the planning and development of the Quality System of Promas S.A. To achieve this objective, the company offers: permanent personnel with high education level and vast experience, complete organizational structure and advanced information technology systems.

All the managerial executives of Promas S.A. are held responsible to the company commitment on Quality, making at the same time a continuous effort for the improvement of provided services. All of the Promas's personnel is familiar and apply the principles of the above Quality Assurance Policy.

Promas S.A. is registered in the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greece with registration number 202003, and in the Technical Chamber of Greece with registration number 6417.